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With nearly 40% of Steam games releasing in the year 2016 so few of them ever managed to get noticed by the press, let alone get reviews. The Steam Shovelers plan to change that by focusing on independent developers and publishers.

We have a ton of talented and diverse writers that have written for many well-known gaming sites signed on to help us make this a reality!


Introducing your staff

Name: Stan Claasen – Staff Writer

Outlets: Steam Shovelers

Genres: N/A

Links: Twitter


Name: Devin White – Contributing Writer

Outlets: HowTo20Something

Genres: FPS, RPGs, Action Adventure, Art

Links: Twitter, Blog


Name: Elias Blondeau – Staff Writer

Outlets: CGM, Game Revolution

Genres: FPS, RPGs, Open World Action, Survival Horror

Links: Twitter, Blog


Name: Holly Jane Amareta – Staff Writer

Outlets: Kettle

Genres: FPS, Strategy, RPGs

Links: Twitter


Name: Joel Couture – Contributing Writer

Outlets: Siliconera, Gamasutra, Indiegames.com, Warp Door, Mash Those Buttons

Genres: Horror, Action, Weird/Dumb, “Anything that looks like it was playable on an NES”

Links: Twitter


Name: Kevin Slackie – Contributing Writer

Outlets: Game Informer, Zam, Shoryuken, COIN-OP TV, Gamasutra

Genres: RPG, Fighters, Action, Indie

Links: Twitter


Name: Taylor Clemons – Editor/Social Media Manager/Writer

Outlets: GirlfriendsTV

Genres: Action RPGs, Action Adventure, Survival Horror, Visual Novel

Links: Twitter, Blog


Why? Why not?

You may be wondering why we are focusing on indie developers. We feel that:

1. Too many gems slip by without getting noticed or any press at all


2. Too many awful games are flooding the Steam marketplace from asset flips to broken games, to cynical meme simulators thus making finding decent non-AAA games on Steam like finding a needle in a haystack.


How We Categorize Games

Steam Pile: Any game that is an obvious low effort cash grab, asset flip, or broken garbage game will get a brief (two or three paragraphs tops) description of what makes it qualify for the Pile. Any game with a score of 20/100 or below will be designated for the Steam Pile.

Early Access: Any game in Steam’s Early Access category will be given impressions and a rating that lets you know if it is worth buying now, waiting for improvements, or avoid it like the plague.

Full Reviews: Games that are fully functional and not obvious low effort or unfinished products will be given the full review treatment including a review score. AAA games should always get a review score of 1-100 with 50 being considered an average game. Full Reviews are divided into two sub-categories: Gems and Steam Pile. Gems are games which score 80 or higher, while games designated for the Steam Pile score 20 or lower..