Assault on the Necrospire Early Access Review

by | Jan 20, 2017

An Isaac-like Dungeon Crawler

The number of dungeon crawler roguelikes to hit the market since The Binding of Isaac hit the scene has been overwhelming. None of those games have come close to the dedicated fanbase of Isaac, though some are quality games such as Nuclear Throne and Enter The Gungeon.

Assult on the Necrospire is, as you could have probably guessed, another one of those games. While I don’t think it will be a smash hit that amasses a cult following, it certainly has potential to shape up to be a good little game.

Assault on the Necrospire
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Mike Watson
Mike Watson
Release: January 11, 2017
Intel i7-3930K @ 3.20GHz

This keyboard and mouse only dungeon crawler has you playing as a funny faced wizard tasked with climbing a tower and taking down an evil necromancer. Along the way you’ll be fighting slimes, skeletons, ghosts, evil mages, and bats; basically the kind of enemies you’d find in classic top-down Legend of the Zelda titles.

Combat is currently relatively simple: aim with the mouse and left-click to shoot out a ball of magic, and right-click to use spells that have cooldowns based on the number of rooms you’ve been through. Simple but effective. There is also a sprint button but that currently only works in rooms without enemies as the purpose seems to be backtracking more so than avoiding enemies.

Relics, spells, and equipment that buff your character are spread throughout each floor. Items may be found after clearing a room, in dedicated rooms for free, or to be purchased in shops with the gold enemies drop. In my time with the game, I never came across a weapon that changed my primary attack, only my spell, though I’d imagine for the final version more is planned.

As this is an early access game, everything still feels a bit simple. Attacking is rather slow, and the difficulty is lacking, even for the bosses at the end of each floor. The developer is quickly addressing player feedback though as they have announced predefined loadouts and staff swiping (the ability to use your staff as a physical attack that also blocks projectiles) for an upcoming update. Welcome additions as these mean the early game, which can be a bit dull, will be made a smidgen more interesting and the difficulty will be tweaked.

Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t think Assault on the Necrospire will ever be a smash hit, but it has the potential be a good little game with some tweaking, balancing, and more depth. As it still feels a bit rough around the edges in those areas (and is missing some attack sound effects) I feel safe in giving this one a ‘maybe later’ suggestion.

“has potential to shape up to be a good little game”

Worth Your Money: Maybe Later

[A copy of the game was provided by the developer or publisher for the purpose of this review.]

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