by | Jul 19, 2017

Can I write for your site?/I have a pitch!

Unfortunately, submissions for pitches are closed. We also don’t have any openings at this time for staff or freelance writers. At the moment, we’re running at full capactiy. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on job postings and submission openings!

I’d like to support your site! Where can I donate?

We have a Patreon with some pretty sweet rewards! We also have a PayPal for those who would like to do a one-time donation!

Where is your review for [game]?!

We’re trying our best to cover as many games released in 2017 and beyond as we can. But the fact of the matter is this: we’re a really small team, scattered over the globe, and we’re a fairly new site. We’re going to miss games from time to time, and AAA titles might not give us review copies because of our small status.

If you’re an indie developer and would like us to cover your game, shoot an email to: reviews AT steamshovelers DOT cool or taylor AT steamshovelers DOT cool. If you’d like to see us cover more big releases, help us out by following us on social media, check out our YouTube, and share our website with friends. The more people who know about us, the more games we can cover!

Where’s Jed?

Our site founder, Jed Whitaker, had to step down due to personal reasons back in March. That’s when the current site administrator/editor, Taylor Clemons, took over. We miss him, but we understand and wish him the best of luck!

How often does the site update?

Generally, we try to post text reviews a few times a week; videos will go up weekly-ish. This is variable though, due to review embargoes, workload and balancing work with personal lives.


That’s not a question, but ok.

We at Steam Shovelers take accusations of collusion very seriously and take every precaution to avoid even the slightest possibility of recieving favors in exchange for high review scores.

Developers, publishers and PR firms who send unsolicited emails are thoroughly researched and vetted before we agree to review their game. If we receive a message that says anything more than “Here is our game. We’d very much like you to review it, please and thank you” (more or less), we screenshot the email and delete it without a reply. We then send a warning message to our entire team, explaining why we’re avoiding certain devs/pubs/PR reps.

We only review games that we want to review. Not because we think they’ll gain us exposure or popularity, but because we think that they bring something unique and worthwhile to our readers.