Steam Shovelers’ Review Scale

Our review scale is different than many sites as we believe that a 50 should be considered an average game. We are fully aware should we ever appear on aggregators we would tip the scales, but that is more of an inherent issue with the way other sites and the public perceive review scores, not our system.

100 – Near Perfection – These games are ones that we just can’t get enough of, and are solid start to finish. We may have some criticisms, but they are minor enough to not impact the score.

90s – Really Great – These games are really great, with only one or two minor issues holding them back, or lack of originality due to playing it safe.

80s – Great – These games are great. They have some flaws we recognize, but that doesn’t stop us from loving them for something they do particularly well in comparison to games that score lower.

70s – Pretty Dang Good – While not quite great, these games are ones that are better than good. Maybe they aren’t so original, maybe they have a bit of repetition, or maybe they aren’t for everyone, but someone loves them.

60s – Good –  You know when someone asks you what you thought of a movie that you didn’t love but also didn’t hate? That is how we feel about these games. They are good. Why? Eh, because we liked them more than not liking them.

50s – Average – These are plain old average games. They don’t do anything all that original but are sound products without many or any bugs or flaws. You’re safe in knowing you could play these to completion and not feel cheated, but you may not feel much at all.

40s – Below Average – Plenty to like here, but a few moments or elements that may hold back the game, be it bugs, length, or lack of originality.

30s – Could be better – There is at least one likable quality in these games, maybe something original that is worth taking a look at, but otherwise we feel like they could be better. They don’t do enough, and what they do they don’t do right.

20s – Ugh – Ugh. We had to play these games. We didn’t really like them because they are bad.

10s – Yuck – These games make us feel physically ill just thinking about them due to the bugs, bad game design, and all around grossness.

1s – Piles – These games are steaming piles of shit that we wish we regret playing and actively wish they didn’t exist. You wouldn’t wish these games on your worst enemies unless you’re someone really evil like Hitler or Donald Trump.