Aviators Early Access Review

by | Jan 26, 2017

All By Myself

Aviators is dead. Or at least, that’s very much the impression you get when trying to play online in this multiplayer-only title. I repeatedly attempted to search for just one other single solitary player in a game which is typically designed to host matches between eight, but the search continually proved fruitless.

Finally, after daily attempts over almost a week, I found one other person to play with for a few rounds. Considering there’s not much else to do in Aviators besides this online mode, and the fact that the game doesn’t support local split-screen, Eclipse Studio’s first Steam title is currently rendered as basically unplayable by this matchmaking issue.

Well, not totally unplayable. You can spend about the entirety of the ten minutes that it takes to customize a character in “Create Your Aviator” mode, but a lot of the cosmetic items need to be unlocked by progressing in th-…oh wait.

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Eclipse Studios 
501 Industries
January 19, 2017
Intel i3-3110M @ 2.40GHz

For what it’s worth, once I did manage to get a few games in, it soon dawned on me that Aviators wasn’t even worth all the time spent trying to play it. Despite the animated music and colorful aesthetic of the menu screen (which I’m very familiar with at this point), the gameplay itself feels surprisingly lifeless.

The aim is to fly about the map and capture control points but – other than ramming into each other – there’s really not much else to it. Granted, it would probably be a lot more fun with up to eight people, and the different levels do benefit from some quirky environmental hazards, but it isn’t enough to elevate the gameplay beyond what essentially boils down to a glorified series of headbutts. Weirdly, the soundtrack turns almost dead silent, too, which doesn’t help.

It’s unclear whether the matchmaking issue is down to a lack of an online community or a genuine bug that needs addressing but, regardless of this, Aviators still needs a lot of work. If you can even find someone to play with, the experience feels incomplete at best.

The semi-appealing visual quality does suggest that Eclipse Studios are serious about turning Aviators into a fun multiplayer game but, for now, I would advise refraining from any investment into the experience.

“If you can even find someone to play with, the experience still feels incomplete at best.”

Worth Your Money: Maybe Later

[A copy of the game was provided by the developer or publisher for the purpose of this review.]

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