Crowtel Renovations Review

by | Jan 5, 2017

Running a shoddy hotel has never been this adorable

Crowtel Renovations deserves praise just for creating character action sound effects that don’t drive me crazy. All of the usual banter or grunts that characters make as they attack and jump almost always becomes so irritating that I start contemplating what life would be like if I drove a broken bottle into my ears, but I purposely kept attacking and jumping in Crowtel Renovations. The cute little chirps and sounds the characters made were fun enough to do all by themselves.

Oh yeah, the game is swell, too.

Crowtel Renovations
Steam Page
January 6, 2017
Intel i5-4690K @ 3.50GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

In Crowtel Renovations, you play a cute, but lazy, crow who barely maintains a dangerous hotel. When cat health inspectors show up, you need to sneak off and try to clean up the deadly leaks, hauntings, snow drifts, and unfinished construction around the place before they shut you down. Luckily, the cats don’t seem much more energetic than you are, giving you all the time you need to platform and sing your way through the hotel.

You’re armed with a weaponized chirp that fires music notes, which is a great little weapon. For starters, it makes a cute noise to chirp, and I found myself endlessly attacking just because I liked the sound. Secondly, you can fire it as fast as you hit the button, attacking in rapid fire against the game’s cute, silly enemies and bosses. It just feels good to hammer the button and sing an enemy to bits.

As said, the enemies are pretty silly. Cockroaches, shield-bearing crocodiles, smiling slimes, and other adorable foes stand in your way. Why they do that is beyond me since you’re just trying to fix up their homes, but whatever. It’s a platformer. These things happen. They’re all fun to look at, and also make their own array of silly sound effects.

The game’s cute appearance just gets that much better with Crowtel Renovations‘ sound design. The music is light and bouncy, keeping everything cheerful, but the sound effects are pure joy. The goofy ‘Boos’ that the ghosts yell just cracked me up as I played, as did the way the frog says “Hey” when it jumps. It’s just fun, silly stuff that made me smile

For whatever reason, hitting an enemy with your song doesn’t have an effect itself, making hitting the enemies feel weird. It’s strange not to have some sort of impact noise, especially in a game that has so many other great effects, and it’s always just a little bit jarring.

“Crowtel Renovations is ceaselessly cute, never failing to make me smile.”

It doesn’t take away from the lighthearted platforming fun Crowtel Renovations offers over the course of its handful of stages. The game isn’t overly long, only taking a half hour or so to complete, but the stages all look different, having this puffy, roly-poly style that makes everything look cheerful and fun. It’s a charming style, oozing happiness and cheer even though you are essentially trying to clean up a hotel. Although few games would have you fix a toilet by singing at it.

It’s not especially hard to fix up this hotel. Even a novice should be able to finish the game before long, easily clearing out the enemies and bosses with some rapid-fire chirps. Still, Crowtel Renovations is building upon the free release Crowtel, so there are some harder additions if you’re looking for a bit more challenge.

Once you beat the main game, you unlock the new area, Croaktel, helping a frog through its work day. This is a bit harder than Crowtel, requiring tighter jump timing and careful bubble shots. It’s still not terribly hard, but those looking for something to push them a bit harder than Crowtel will find some challenge here.

It’s also just as charming as fun, offering new enemies and locations to work through. Hunting down puffballs through an office building and seeing the unique trouble each of them gets into is cute, continuing the adorable overload that is Crowtel Renovations. It’s a nice addition, and feels like it adds enough to justify the asking price on something that was previously free.

Crowtel Renovations is ceaselessly cute, never failing to make me smile. It features some wonderful effects for its attacks and enemies, an array of smiling, goofy enemies, and enough challenge to make its short play time feel relaxing and pleasant.

Score: 80/100

[A copy of the game was provided by the developer or publisher for the purpose of this review.]

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