Galactic Junk League Early Access Review

by | Jan 21, 2017

Shooting Loads From Your Junk, In Space!

I don’t play a lot of space games and I kind of hate building things, but Galactic Junk League puts those things together in a way that makes it accessible and fun, even if I suck at the game.

Ships are made up of a core, building blocks, thrusters, rotators, and weapons. Building ships is pretty easy and intuitive, in other words, you don’t need to be an architect to succeed here. The size, shape, and layout of your ship directly impact how it will control and also how protected your core is. As you’ve probably imagined, should your core be destroyed your ship explodes.


Galactic Junk League
Steam Page
Pixel Federation
Pixel Federation
January 17, 2017
Intel i7-3930K @ 3.20 GHz
EVGA GeForce GTX 980

Much like you’d find in many competitive games, such as MOBAs, there are different classes available that offer unique fighting styles, various build options, and abilities. I sucked with all of them, but I’m not the kind of person to really dive deep into this kind of game. I will say that I tried a few different ships and had fun with all of them, even if I typically came in towards the bottom of the scoreboard.

The overall gameplay is a lot simpler than you might guess by watching the trailer for the game. It is seven on seven space battles between two teams across four maps. Your ship is controlled via the WASD keys with space and Ctrl controlling your height. Left click fires your primary weapon, right click zooms in, and your numbers are mapped to your cooldown abilities. Will feel very familiar to any MOBA or MMO player, which means it is rather accessible at this point.

As this is free to play you won’t have trouble finding a match, and thus far I haven’t experienced much toxicity if any, but that always comes with time and popularity. Sadly being free to play guarantees it. Online matches have been smooth, with no lag, though there has been more than a couple of moments of the framerate dropping on my rig. Otherwise, it has been smooth sailing.

For an Early Access and free-to-play game, Galactic Junk League is already a joy to play, and feature rich aside from only having four maps. There are microtransactions offered, but none of them seem to be pay-to-win or necessary to have fun with the game.

If I had to level one complaint against the game (other than I suck) is that it seems to need to work on balancing as longer range weapons and ships seem to be dominating the playing field right now.

“accessible and fun, even if I suck at the game

Worth Your Money Time: Now

[A copy of the game was provided by the developer or publisher for the purpose of this review.]

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