January 2017: Month End Report

Numbers Are Fun

[Jeditor’s Note: Our backer, resident superfan, numbers nerd, and possibly the smartest guy on the planet Marcus wrote up a little recap of how we’ve done so far this year for the month of January, so give it a read, won’t you?]


Steam Shovelers is up and running, and with its launch this month we’ve already seen over 80 game reviews posted to the site. These have come in the form of Early Access coverage, full reviews, and a fair share of Steam Pile badness. The breakdown is as follows: 47 games received full reviews, 16 were Early Access posts, and 17 sad games were relegated to the Steam Pile. A visual glimpse at this month’s review shakedown can be viewed below.

With that said, not every game receiving a full review is necessarily awesome – or awful – either. Only fully reviewed titles receive a review score and the average score for the month of January is 56.67. Using Steam Shoveler’s review score, which uses the entire 100 point scale, this means most games were just about average.

Want to know which games got the highest and lowest scores of the month? The very first perfect 100/100 went to Ellipsis. On the completely opposite side of things, Akihabara – Feel the Rhythm fared worst with a 15/100 score. But if you’re here on Steam Shovelers you’re probably much more interested in the great games. Other high-ranking releases such as Power Hover, Resident Evil 7, and Zombie Estate 2 are now easily accessible via the Gems section.

It might be hard to find reviewers more dedicated to covering zillions of PC games as the crew here. The standout authors at this time are site daddy Jed Whitaker with 27 published reviews and Alex Avard with an equally impressive 22 reviews. Fortunately for all reviewers on board, Steam review keys are becoming more prolific so they don’t need to spend big bucks on tons of trashy games.

Here’s a few more silly stats for you. Of all reviews written so far, there are many key words which keep coming up. For example, “bad” and “problem” showed up in reviews 33 and 29 times respectively. “Awful” and “ass” showed up 12 times each. In regards to curse words, “fuck” and “shit” were tied for first place with 10 uses a piece. If all this negativity is getting to you, then you’ll be glad to see that “fun” was uttered a total of 97 times. Of course, this doesn’t take the context of the word into account.

So how is Steam Shovelers doing so far in their aim to review every game released on Steam in 2017? Amazingly, the dedicated staff have managed to maintain a percentage of 17%~20% reviewed of released games throughout January, without ever dropping lower than 17%. That’s mighty impressive when you consider the dozens of titles released daily. Game releases certainly aren’t slowing down so the group at Steam Shovelers will definitely have their hands full in the coming months!

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