The Last Hope: Trump vs Mafia Steam Pile Review

by | Jan 23, 2017


At first, it seems like quite the political statement to release a game, on the day of the 2016 inauguration, featuring Donald Trump as the playable hero of the story. How you feel about this decision is likely going to depend on your political leanings, but it becomes immediately clear that The Last Hero: Donald Trump vs Mafia is not interested in politics in the slightest. Instead, the Trump branding has been haphazardly slapped on the title for the sake of attention, as we’re instead treated to another run of the mill, seeminlgy Unity-asset filled first person shooter.

You play as the future President of the World; a world in which an organized coalition of terrorists and the mafia (yep) have taken down your private jet with the hopes of deposing you for good. Unfortunately for them, Donald J. Trump – a pensioner raised on a diet of fast food and sycophantic ego-rubbing – is, apparently, a master in the art of armed combat. The game’s campaign follows Trump’s exploits as he singlehandedly destroys his enemies through cold-blooded murder.

The Last Hero: Trump vs Mafia
Steam Page
Atomic Fabrik
Atomic Fabrik
January 20, 2017
Intel i3-3110M @ 2.40GHz

Though there is something of an attempt to tell a story here (most of these games tend to just throw you into an environment with no context), but the devices through which it does this – mainly slideshows of images and text – ironically feel right at home next to the gaudy graphics and tacky production quality which pervades the entire experience.

With the exception of limited variety in terms of enemy types and level design, Trump vs Mafia also exhibits the same cookie-cutter first-person shooter combat mechanics that are now a staple of these low-grade Unity games. Even at it’s very best, the gameplay is hopelessly dull. At it’s worst, it’s almost unplayable.

In short, The Last Hope: Trump vs Mafia does the best with what it has. Unfortunately, what is has is a story which glorifies the most controversial President in US history, a barely functioning campaign, and what seems to be a bucket’s worth of shabby Unity assets.

[A copy of the game was provided by the developer or publisher for the purpose of this review.]

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