We were never going to have a review for The Surge ready on embargo.

While all of us here at Steam Shovelers do our best to tell you about as many great (and not so great) games as possible, we are still a small site with limited resources. Even in the best of times, writing reviews of full-length, AAA games is no trivial matter, and that’s something we’ve been doing quite a bit lately. One the one hand, that’s a good sign – it means we’re getting more recognition and that, as a result, we have the ability to offer you our opinions on a much wider range of games. But it also means reviews can’t be quite as rapid fire as they have been in the past, and that sometimes we will simply not be able to hit embargo for longer games.

That was always going to be the case with The Surge, a Souls-like rumored to run at anywhere from 25 to 50 hours, coming on the heels of reviews for games like Flinthook and Outlast 2. But we felt duty bound not only to you, but also to the publishers, who sent us a review code even though they could easily have done otherwise, to have some content about the game ready at embargo time. So we decided to make a first impressions video, our very first video project for the site.

In case you’re curious, I’m actually really enjoying The Surge, which is why I am confused by Focus Home’s last-minute decision to push embargo time by a full day, to today at 6PM EST. This has made short work of any prospects of having a video ready on time, and I suspect other sites have had their plans disrupted as well.

We still want to make that first impressions video, as well as, of course, publish a full review. But sadly, neither of these things will happen at embargo time. We apologize for this delay, and hope you will understand the circumstances that we are working under.